Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the real benefit of using cartoons

The Development Trusts Association have produced an “Early Warning Guide” – it’s a very powerful and engaging resource, not just because it gives a very clear, easy to use and quick analysis of the state of an organisations’ health, but because of the way in which it does it: the use of cartoons and simple, bright images.

Often, as professionals and support providers we assume that what we deliver and offer has to be highly technical and detailed when sometimes simple cartoons will suffice – cartoons ensure that everyone understands the issue, everyone is involved and somehow, in being a cartoon, its disarming and so people more likely to at least pick it up and start to engage with it as they see it as non-threatening even if, as with the DTA guide, it ends up telling you that your ship is sinking fast and you've no lifeboats left!

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