Sunday, March 21, 2010

main website is unwell...

Dear all

sorry for 'hi-jacking' my own blog, but this will remain the 'latest post' until further notice as I want to let people know that due to technical issues involving the internet service provider who looks after my main website, that my main site (the one with all the cheesy pics, links and copies of various published articles) will not be available until further notice.

you can still follow me here on this blog, as well as my twitter feed and via LinkedIn, and hopefully it'll be back before you know it and I'll continue to post my (sometimes irrevent) musings and thoughts here.

I've also now created a temporary site using paperclips and rubber bands at - while it doesn't have everything my site usually offers, its got some of the basic stuff available again there.

until then, thanks for your patience and understanding

Adrian Ashton
07786 492313

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