Monday, February 13, 2012

Alphabet soup

I recently received a piece of post (you know - those messages on pieces of paper that come through your letterbox instead of your computer screen) addressed to me, but with a string of letters after my name.

I'd forgotten that my membership of that particular professional association entitles me to cite such letters after my name; and I realised that there are quite a few more that I could add on based on other awards and citations I've received over the years.

But would it be worth the effort? For many people that I work with, its my proven expertise and demenour that they value over such qualifications, and for anyone who wants to be impressed about my recognition by national professional bodies then you can see them all listed on my submissions as a provider of services to be contracted.

So i don't have an alphabet of letters after my name as I'm pretty confident in my own abilities not to needs them to bolster my confidence, and for most people I engage with, they're not relevant either; so why should I make my business cards any bigger to accomodate these extra letters?

Mind you, the prospect of being introduced as Lord Professor Adrian Ashton is very tempting...

Adrian Ashton, BA (hons), FRSA, MIC, FoIEE (and probably a few more that I've forgotten as well...)