Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I'd like to be in membership of a golf club

Most of us know the clich├ęs about being a member of a golf club – you don't join to improve your game, or because you necessarily enjoy playing it, but because it affords you the opportunity/excuse to spend significant time with business prospects/partners/customers away from the usual day-to-day contexts and pressures of the work place;

it's an opportunity to cement and maintain key strategic business relationships – and relationships are best nurtured where people can come together around a neutral or mutual interest, hence the rise of the golf clubs historically, and why most members of golf clubs today are 'professionals' not in golf, but in various fields of business;

and you know what – it's about time I got in on this act! I spend a lot of time impacting upon the world and supporting others through various networks and relationships, but there's a gap in how I do this that it's about time I addressed.

I want to take up membership of a golf club. But which one? As a reader of this blog, you'll know that I can be a little unconventional at times, and don't usually wear suits or ties – and that will likely mean I struggle to even been invited to discuss any application I make to many such clubs, but that won't deter me. I need to find a golf club where I can meet like-minded people, where I can be proud to invite people to meet me at and spend time together, and have the knowledge that whoever I'm entertaining as my guest, they'll enjoy themselves.

So there's really only one golf club that I'd like to be a member of – crazy golf!