Tuesday, December 1, 2015

why I WILL be sending Christmas cards this year

Don’t worry – you read that title right: I AM sending real life, envelope and stamp, Christmas cards this year. And why is that a big deal? Because so many people aren’t and don’t as they’d “rather give to charity instead...

But isn’t making a gift to a charity in lieu of buying some cards and stamps is surely a good thing? Yes– any philanthropic gift to a charity is always a good idea, but why can’t you quietly get on with doing that throughout the year, instead of using it as an excuse not to send a personal greeting to clients and business partners?

I have an idea that publicly announcing your intent to make a gift to charity to everyone on your contacts email list is no more than a salve on your conscience, and a morally acceptable way of saying you can’t be bothered to take the time to organise a card to share with people how you’ve appreciated your relationship with them over the last year.

And there are many card suppliers who donate proportions of the proceeds of their sales to good causes, so you can send a card AND give to charity at the same time...

But I fully appreciate that organising cards, addressing envelopes, and such like takes time – and that our time is increasingly precious in light of the pressures we all face. But spending an hour of two sending out cards is an easy and powerful way to remind ourselves of how we’ve been blessed by, and been a source of encouragement to, others we’ve worked with over the last year. It helps us cultivate an attitude of gratefulness, and deepens our relationships.

So – I’ve stuffed my envelopes, written out the addresses, and licked the stamps... time to start sending my greetings of thanks and encouragement out across the communities and sectors I’ve walked alongside this year. 
But the question is who to send one to? There are so many people I come into contact with – so I’ve decided to base in on my having had a trading relationship with you: if money’s changed hands between us, you’re probably on the list. If not, we’ll share a drink and/or cake the next time we meet (but don’t worry – I won’t bring any mistletoe...)

updated 15 Dec - very pleased that my cards have now started to arrive with those that made it onto my list (and even more so with how excited they are to be getting them!): https://www.instagram.com/p/_UYcEpNRsf/

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