Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm not looking myself...

most of the time we do what we do because we believe its the right thing to do (or sometimes because we just need the cash...);

we don't do it to seek praise or public adoration, we do it to keep the wheels of the universe spinning a little more smoothly, and to hopefully contribute to a slightly better world than the one we found when we arrived in it;

but sometimes someone sees what we're doing, and pats us on the back - not because they have to, but because they want to recognise and encourage us. And when that happens its very empowering and motivating. How do I know? Because it happened to me recently - turns out I won a national award from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in recognition for the impact I'm creating through my mentoring various enterprises (didn't realise I'd even been nominated!)

And did I enjoy the glitzy award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament? No - because I'd already promised a local charity that I'd be spending that afternoon with them, helping them to try and resolve some of their frustrations and tensions in how they manage themselves to ensure that adults with learning disabilities can enjoy a higher quality of life, while at the same time they as an organisation can keep paying their bills...

So instead, Harsha Patel of Doing Social kindly accepted the award on my behalf - and I'm glad she did, as she looks far better in a dress than I could ever hope to...

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  1. Well Done Adrian! Personally I'm not into the business of awards or ego massaging (and I know you aren't either seeing as you didn't even know ye were nominated or even go to HoP to collect it!). However, its no doubt somewhat humbling and gratifying to be nominated by peers or clients in recognition of your good work - so well done to you not cos yer worth it...but cos you deserve it ;-)

    Wholehearted Congrats!