Friday, September 16, 2011

How many people does it take to adjust a PC monitor?

OK, so this post is based on the running gag of changing light bulbs, but a Health and Safety (H&S) notice I recently read at a government building really does stagger belief and illustrates not only how bonkers H&S can get, but also how government really is wasting money.

So - the answer? By my reckoning, at least 8 people are needed in this government establishment to adjust a PC monitor.

And the reason for this is the following policy procedure that staff should follow if they feel that their workstation screen needs adjustment:

1) request an assessment from the Health & Safety office (1 admin person to take the call, 1 assessor to come out)

2) If there is found to be a need, this is reviewed by Occupational Health (1 admin person to take the call, 1 assessor to come out)

3) A request for the adjustment is then submitted by your line manager (1 person) to the IT department (1 admin person to take the call, 1 technician to come out)

4) The diversity officer should also be informed (1 officer to file a report)

Is it any wonder then why governments take so long to do anything and it costs us so much for them to do it when they do?

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