Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The time of my life?

The work I do, the way I do it, and the people I do it with, are often exhilarating and purposeful – I recognise that I’m fortunate in often finding meaning and fulfilment in my work.

And with the advent of social media there are ever-increasing opportunities and invitations for me to meet with like-minded people, immerse myself in new thinking, reflect on ideas and experiences; I should be having the time of my life but the time of my life demands that I find myself increasingly having to say no, makes excuses, leave early...

You see, I’m blessed with 2 great young boys who I want to spend time with; I also want to support my wife as she develops her career as a textile artist, and in her expanding role as a community leader through her being part of the school PTA, a member of the local church’s leadership team, developing collaborations between local businesses and so on.

A few people have commented on my work as evidence of a successful career; I see that I do well in spinning a lot of plates in my professional and personal life while trying to get, and keep, the right balance both in and between them.

So, this isn’t meant as a “woe is me, life’s tough...” lament, but hopefully as encourage to some of you who are in similar times of your lives, and explanation to others who may be feeling upset at my apparent snubbing of your kind invitations.

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  1. Great minds - especially when 'Ashton minds' clearly think alike. My son's 28 and my daughter 26 . . . so slightly older than yours - but no less deserving of my time